First Serbian Congress of Clinical Microbiology SCCM 2023 with international participation

Date: 10-12. May 2023
Venue: Hotel Crowne Plaza, Belgrade

The Congress is in the process of accreditation by the Health Council of the Republic of Serbia.


  • Microbiological diagnostics (updates in conventional, molecular and serological diagnostics), rapid diagnostics and “point of care” tests
  • Antimicrobial resistance, antimicrobial therapy, new antimicrobials (antibiotics, antivirals, antifungals, etc.)
  • Microbiota and probiotics
  • Viral hepatitis and HIV
  • COVID-19
  • Vaccines and immunoprophylaxis
  • Diagnosis and therapy of fungal infections
  • Diagnosis and therapy of blood-stream infections
  • Diagnostics and therapy of respiratory tract infections
  • Diagnosis and therapy of urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted infections
  • Diagnosis and therapy of gastrointestinal tract infections, Clostridioides difficile infections
  • Free topics

Confirmed Keynote Speakers

  • Dr Robert Skov, MD, Denmark, ESCMID President-elect & Secretary General
  • Dr Anders Rhod Larsen, PhD, Denmark, AMR (Antimicrobial resistance) expert
  • Prof. dr Bojana Beović, Slovenia, ESCMID AMS (Antimicrobial stewardship) expert
  • Prof. dr Ana Budimir, Croatia, ESCMID expert – healthcare-associated infections
  • Prof. dr Sanja Pleško, Croatia, European Confederation of Medical Mycology Excellence Center
  • Prof. dr Tomislav Meštrović, Croatia, ESCMID expert – microbiome, urinary infections, STD

Confirmed Faculty

  • Prof. dr Slobodanka Đukić
  • Prof. dr Tomislav Preveden
  • Prof. dr Vera Mijač
  • Prof. dr Nadica Kovačević
  • Prof. dr Jovan Matijašević
  • Prof. dr Ivana Milošević
  • Prof. dr Maja Stanojević
  • Prof. dr Aleksandar Vuksanović
  • Prof. dr Ivana Čolović Čalovski
  • Prof. dr Predrag Stojanović
  • Doc. dr Ana Jotić
  • dr Dragana Ivanović
  • dr Predrag Bugarić
  • Doc. dr Danijela Miljanović
  • Prof. dr Ivana Ćirković
  • Prof. dr Branislava Kocić
  • Prof. dr Siniša Sević
  • Prof. dr Dragana Vuković
  • Prof. dr Miloš Marković
  • Prof. dr Maja Ćupić
  • Prof. dr Ivana Lazarević
  • Prof. dr Goran Stevanović
  • Prim. dr sci. med. Biljana Arsić
  • Prof. dr Ana Banko
  • Doc. dr Deana Medić
  • Doc. dr Eleonora Dubljanin
  • Dr sci. med. Snežana Brkić
  • Prof. dr Dragana Božić
  • Prof. dr Gordana Dragović Lukić

Important dates

The deadline for ABSTRACT SUBMISSION is April 21, 2023
The deadline for REGISTRATION OF PARTICIPATION is May 5, 2023

President of the Congress: Prof. dr Ivana Ćirković
Technical organizer: Aria Conference & Events

Reservation Hotel

For all information regarding hotel reservations during Congress, please contact:

Mrs. Nada Djukic

it is necessary to emphasize that you are participants of the Congress in order to receive special room prices.

Congress is accredited by the Health Council of Serbia under decision number 153-02-00118/2023-01 dated 03/13/2023. registration number А-1-190/23 as a National Congress with international participation with 13 points for lecturers, 11 points for oral presentation, 9 points for poster presentation and 8 points for passive participation